Lappe Nordic 24 Hour Relay Records

In the spring of 1996 Thunder Bay's National Team Development Centre coach Pekka Kemppi decided to challenge himself... how far could he could ski in 24 hours. He managed a distance of 350Km after about 22 hours of skiing, using classic technique the entire time. Pekka undoubtedly had some thoughts of matching the world record of 415.5Km set by Finnish countryman Seppo-Juhani Savolainen in Saariselka, Finland on April 8-9, 1988.

Instead of attempting the feat again, Pekka suggested a team format for 1997, and the 24 Hour Relay was born.

Following are some of Lappe's 24 Hour records that have been achieved since. Pekka's 1996 effort is not included in these records since the event was not yet 'official'.

The distances recorded in the Lappe 24 Hour Relay are exact. A shotgun blast signals the end of the event at exactly 24:00:00. Skiers stop where they are on the ski course (typically a 4.2Km loop) and wait for a course marshall to mark the location. This allows for the exact distance skied to be determined. This is in contrast to some other 24 hour events where participants can travel beyond 24 hours by starting their last lap before the 24 hour mark.

Open Team - up to 10 skiers - The 500K Club

Team Year   Distance (Km.)
Mike Somppi
Luke Viljakainen
Harry Seaton
Jesse Winter
2009 556.4
Lappe and One Wannabe
Steve Hart
Timo Puiras
Paul Inkila
Evan Palmer-Charrette
Jeff Budner
Jeff Cameron
2011 544.6
Mister Big
Eric Bailey
Cory Berg
Timo Puiras
Phil Brown
Chris Butler
Kevin Paradis
Joel Gerry
Gabe Viljakainen
2009 523.2
Kerrie Fabius
Tara Redpath
Timo Puiras
Riku Metsaranta
Will Fitzgerald
Sean Crooks
Jeff Seguin
2002 517.4
Megan McTavish
Karla Mika
Chad Yurick
Dan Roycroft
Karl Saidla
Lee Churchill
Mark Tierney
Steve Bursey
1999 516.8
Crusty Old Guys + Becky (aka the Lappe 6)
Werner Schwar
Paul Inkila
Timo Puiras
Becky Puiras
Riku Metsaranta
Brian Berry
2006 513.3
Lappe 6
Timo Tikka
Peter Myllymaa
Paul Inkila
Juha Metsaranta
Craig Storey
Derek Maepea
1998 511.7
Kerrie Fabius
Skeets Morel
Stephen Hart
Jeff Seguin
Mallory Deyne
Eric Bailey
2005 508.8
Raha Joukkue
Angus Foster
Katherine Stewat-Jones
Sadie White
Julian Smith
Mia Serratore
Sam Greer
Scott Hill
2016 505.8
Wed Night Warriors
Will Fitzgerald
Riku Metsaranta
Paul Inkila
Jeff Moustgaard
Werner Schwar
2004 500.6

Four Person Team - 450K Club

Team Year Distance (Km)
Mike Somppi
Luke Viljakainen
Harry Seaton
Jesse Winter
2009 556.4
Triple Nelson & May
Brian May
Dave Nelson
Grant Nelson
Per Nelson
2002 492.9
Manopause & Todd
Paul Inkila
Werner Schwar
Brian Berry
Todd Inkila
2008 467.4
Pekka Kemppi
Werner Schwar
Chad Yurich
Martin Bojesen
1997 454.4

All-Female Team

Team Year Distance (Km)
Ms Big Thunder-5 2009 478.7

Mixed Pair (male/female)

Team Year Distance (Km)
The Solicited Galavanters
Jennifer Jackson
Andy Shields
2014 455.0
Becky Laakso
Timo Puiras
2004 447.2
Fast & Faster
Kerrie Fabius
Jeff Seguin
2004 432.8
Neety Panu
Juha Metsaranta
2002 382.2


Team Year Distance (Km)
Werner Schwar
Paul Inkila
2009 425.7


Male (300K+) Year Distance (Km)
Werner Schwar 2005 407.8
Jussi Piirainen 2004 387.5
Jeff Cameron 2005 354.6
Werner Schwar 2001 315.7
Jeff Lewis 1999 305.3
Female (225K+)
Kelly Henry 2009 284.8
Nancy Viljakainen 2005 265.9
Kelly Henry 2008 265.0
Becky Laakso 2002 252.5
Nancy Viljakainen 2004 234.2

12 & 6 Hour Records (added in 2013) 

12 Hour Open Team  Year   Distance (Km.)

Mad Moose 



12 Solo Male Year Distance (Km.)

Michael Somppi



12 Solo Female Year Distance (Km.)

Becky Puiras



6 Hour Open Team Year Distance (Km.)

Team PED



6 Hour Female Team Year Distance (Km.)

NDC Ladies



6 Hour Male Solo Year  Distance (Km.)

Frederick Serratore



6 Hour Female Solo Year Distance (Km.)

Sarah Peters

2016 98.12

World Record Male: New! 433.459 km (269.34 miles) by Teemu Virtanen (Finland) at Kuortane, Finland, on 16-17 November 2010.
Formerly 415.5 km - Seppo-Juhani Savolainen April 8-9, 1988 in Saariselka, Finland
World Record Female: 333 km - Kamila Horakova (Czech Republic) April 12-13, 2000 at the Canmore Nordic Centre

Fastest Lap (4.3K loop to 2009, 4.27K from 2011)

Year Name Time Approx. time of day Lap Length
2004 Timo Puiras 9m 51s 2pm 4.3
2005 Riku Metsaranta 10m 5.7s 9am 4.3
2006 Adam Kates 9m 35.9s 9am 4.3
2008 Werner Schwar 11m 29.3s 5pm 4.3
2009 Mike Somppi (M) 9m 36.5s 9pm 4.3
2009 Karla Bailey (F) 11m 13.6s 8pm 4.3
2011 Steve Hart (M) 9m 43.9s Noon (1st lap) 4.27
2011 Andrea Lee (F) 11m 49.0s 5pm 4.27
2016 Michael Somppi 12m 16s 11am (1st lap) 5.29