LSSD Ontario Cup #1 2016-2017

Continuing the tradition, Lakehead Superior Nordic Association (supported by Lappe Nordic Ski Club and Big Thunder Nordic Ski Club) is hosting the first Ontario Cup of the season in late December. 

Event Photos

Ocup #1 photos Day 1 (Anna Buske)

OCup #1 photos Day 1 (Kevin Schlyter) 

Ocup #1 photos Day 2 (Martin Kaiser)

Ocup #1 photos Day 2 (Kevin Schlyter)

Ocup #1 photos Day 2 (Anna Buske)     

Ocup #1 photos Day 3 (Martin Kaiser)

Ocup #1 photos Day 3 (Anna Buske)

Ocup #1 photos Day 3 (Kevin Schylter)     

Dec. 28 Sprint Heats Results

800m Sprint Heat Results
1200m Sprint Heat Results

Race Notice & Registration

The race notice is available here.  Online registration is available at

Regular registration closes Dec. 21 at 23:59.  Late registration is also online at ($50 surcharge per race) and opens Dec. 22 at 00:01 and closes Dec. 27 at 11:59 (noon).

Confirmation List

Confirmation list for main registration that closed at midnight Dec. 21.

Confirmation List for late registration that closes at noon Dec. 27.

Race Maps

Day 1 Sprint Course 0.8K Map & Profile
Day 1 Sprint Course 1.2 Map & Profile
Day 2 Classic Course 7.5K Map & Profile
Day 2 Classic Course 3.5K Map & Profile
Day 3 Free Technique Course 5K (4.8) Map & Profile
Day 3 Free Technique Course 5K (5.1) Map & Profile

Event Hotel

The Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel and Suites is once again our event hotel.  Team captains' meeting will be held at the hotel, and the hotel is providing other benefits as well.

Based on double occupancy, the rate is $89.00 per room and includes a full breakfast comprising bacon, eggs, cereal, toast, bagels, yogurt, and fruit. 

The hotel is also providing a common room with a microwave and hotplates and has a kitchen that can be used upon request. Additionally, the hotel has a sports menu that can be used for organized team meals.

Guest room contact: Christina Grey 807-346-5120 or email
[email protected]

Meal arrangements: Matt Winters 807-346-5124