Lappe Nordic is a member of

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It is operated by a volunteer group to promote competitive and recreational cross country skiing.

The Lappe Nordic Ski Club is based out of the Lappe Nordic Ski Centre in Thunder Bay, Ontario, CANADA.

Lappe Nordic Ski Club Policies

Volunteer Engagement Policy:
Lappe Nordic Ski Club is a "club", not a business, that operates primarily through the efforts of its members who volunteer time and effort. This allows the club to operate its many excellent programs with very low fees for its member participants. To ensure this continues, the Lappe Board has introduced a formal Volunteer Engagement Policy. This plan details volunteer opportunities as well as exemptions for new members and members in the younger Jackrabbit programs.

Volunteer Opportunties

Volunteering for our club is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and have fun!


Here is a list of some key positions that need to be filled, in addition to those mentioned in the Volunteer Engagement Policy.

Principles and Values for Coaches and Athletes at Lappe
We are always looking for ways to provide the best coaching services to our athletes.  To do this we provide a supportive environment to our coaches and our athletes. See our Principles and Values document for details.

Jackrabbit Program Leader Policy
For the safety of all participants in the Bunnies, Jackrabbit, Adventurers and Track Attack programs, the Group Leader (Coach) will only ski in the stadium, the Horseshoe/Bully Barn Loop, Tricky Corner, the Pond Loop and Maaritta's Loop unless accompanied by a responsible individual who is capable and willing to take on a leadership role if required.

Club Travel Policies
We are working to update the Midget Team Program Policy, and the Race Team Program Policy. To apply for race team funding, please complete the Race Team Funding Worksheet.  Please check back soon for updates.

Bingo Volunteer Policy
Along with 72 other community groups, we are thankful to the Superior Shores Gaming Association for supporting our Youth programs and Race Teams. As a club, we regularly volunteer at the Bingo Hall. Here is our Bingo Volunteer Policy.

When is it too cold to race?
Have a look at what Cross Country Canada says in the document Cold Weather Advice for Race Events. Then check out Lappe's Cold Weather Club Race Event Cancellation Policy.