At the annual general meeting in May 2019, a slate of officers was elected and the following positions subsequently allocated at an executive meeting. Feel free to contact any of these people with your questions, concerns, or suggestions.

President/LSSD Rep Stephanie Marler
Vice President Werner Schwar
Treasurer Andrew Abbink
Secretary Marlene Wandel
Program Manager Rena Viehbeck
Jackrabbit Coordinator Brook Latimer
Bingo Coordinator vacant
Events Coordinator Stephanie Marler
Volunteer Coordinators Pepita Jones

Diane Scocchia

Officer at Large Grant Hall
Head Coach Eric Bailey
Publicity and Promotions Katherine Hall

The Board is still looking to fill the roles of Fundraising Coordinator, Athlete Representative and Jackrabbit parent.  Want to know more and get involved? Contact Stephanie Marler if interested.  We’d love to have you join our volunteer Board of Directors!