Vision and Mission:

The Lappe Nordic Ski Club’s vision is to inspire and enable all ages and abilities in the pursuit of cross-country skiing as a lifelong activity.


To provide programming that develops cross-country ski skills and fitness for all club members, from beginners to competitive race teams.

To provide a welcoming and friendly club environment that emphasizes the fun of skiing and being active for life.

To provide an excellent competitive program that prepares athletes for races, from the local to the international stage. 

To provide exceptional race hosting and events for our members and the entire ski community.

Principles and Values for Coaches at Lappe
We are always looking for ways to provide the best coaching services to our athletes.  To do this we provide a supportive environment to our coaches and our athletes. See our Principles and Values document for details.  Our Club has committed to the prevention of sexual abuse of children and our Club President, Head Coach and Program Manager, as well as several volunteer coaches have received Commit to Kids certification.

Safe Sport Policies 

A safe environment for athletes, coaches, and club volunteers is a top priority in our club and sport community. Having robust policies in place creates an environment for each of us to feel success regardless of our goals in cross country skiing.

To that end our club has adopted the Nordiq Canada/XSCO policy suite effective November 1, 2023.

SafeSport-Policy_Lappe Nordic

Screening-Policy_Lappe Nordic

Athlete-Protection-Policy_Lappe Nordic

Social-Media-Policy_Lappe Nordic Ski Club

Whistle-Blower-Policy_Lappe Nordic Ski Club

Discipline-and-Complaints-Policy_Lappe Nordic Ski Club

Event-Discipline-Procedures_Lappe Nordic Ski Club

Code-of-Conduct-and-Ethics_Lappe Nordic Ski Club

Volunteering and Bingo Policies
See our volunteering and bingo policies here.

Concussion Policy
On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur sport in Ontario. When becoming a club member through zone.4 you are requested to read and acknowledge Lappe Nordic Ski Club’s concussion policy. November 2020 we have implemented Rowan’s Law Phase 2 including the Removal from & Return to Play Protocol

Emergency Plan

Trail Safety Policy
For the safety of all participants in the Bunnies, Jackrabbit,  Track Attack programs, the Group Leader (Coach) will only ski in the stadium, the Horseshoe/Bully Barn Loop, Tricky Corner, the Pond Loop and Maaritta’s Loop unless accompanied by a responsible individual who is capable and willing to take on a leadership role if required.

Club Travel Policies
Our Travel Policy. To apply for race team funding, please complete the Race Team Funding Worksheet.  Please check back soon for updates.

True Sport Commitment
Lappe Nordic Ski Club is a committed member of the True Sport Commitment.  Together we build the sport we want. The True Sport Principles express an approach to sport that the vast majority of Canadians already believe in and practice. Although widely embraced, these principles often go unspoken. For sport to be truly good and have the opportunity to make the greatest difference, all seven of these principles need to be in play at all times, working in perfect balance with one another. These principals are: Go for It, Play Fair, Respect Others, Keep it Fun, Stay Healthy, Include Everyone, Give Back. Visit the True Sport website to find out more and access great resources.

Try-It Wavier
Thinking of bringing a friend to come try out one of Lappe’s amazing programs with you?  Great!  Just make sure you let your coach know ahead and have them bring this Informed Consent And Assumption Of Risk Agreement completed.

When is it too cold to race?
Have a look at what Cross Country Canada says in the document Cold Weather Advice for Race Events. Then check out Lappe’s Cold Weather Club Race Event Cancellation Policy.