Volunteer Opportunities 2023-24 

Volunteer Engagement Policy:
Lappe Nordic Ski Club is a “club”,  that operates primarily through the efforts of its members who volunteer time and effort. This allows the club to operate its many excellent programs with very low fees for its member participants. To ensure this continues, the Lappe Board has a Volunteer Engagement Policy 2023-24. This plan details volunteer opportunities as well as exemptions for new members and members in the younger Jackrabbit programs. Volunteering for our club is a great way to learn new skills, meet new people and have fun!

Each Club event requires volunteers.  Please see our 2023-24 volunteer opportunities to see when and what positions we need your help with.

Bingo Volunteer Policy
Along with 72 other community groups, we are thankful to the Superior Shores Gaming Association for supporting our Youth and Race Teams. As a club, we regularly volunteer at the Bingo Hall. Contact Lappe Nordic Bingo Coordinator, Judy Hall to sign up judyhallwindy@gmail.com. Here is our 2023-24 LAPPE NORDIC BINGO POLICY.

Key positions that need to be filled, in addition to those mentioned in the Volunteer Engagement Policy:

  • Chief of Timing
  • Timing Apprentice x 3
  • Chief of Course Apprentice
  • Chief of Stadium Apprentice
  • Fundraising Coordinator