Date: January 19, 2020 – 10am-2pm
Celebrate FIS’s World Snow Day at Lappe: Families on Skis
 “Everyone is invited to come try cross-country skiing”
Fun ski-skill stations, equipment, trail pass, waxing help and demos, saunas, lunch for purchase.

Registration to participate is required but free. Trail passes are required and are provided on site from Lappe Ski Center at a discounted rate. Ski equipment rentals are available on a first come first serve basis with primarily youth sized equipment available. To assist with rentals, we have arranged for 1/2 price rentals ($10) from Fresh Air (710 Balmoral St.)

Lappe Nordic Ski Club has generously waived a rental fee for World Snow Day Families on Skis. Fun ski stations, run by volunteers, will be set up to help you learn and develop your skills. Guided ski tours will also be available. Wax demos will be provided to make getting out on the snow easy. Lunch will be available to purchase in the Chalet (upstairs) with numerous delicious options. The Ski Center offers women’s and men’s change rooms and saunas to warm up after your adventures.