Lappe Jackrabbits – ages 3 to 10

Jackrabbits Schedule
This is where you will find the the Jackrabbits schedule for 2017-2018 courtesy of our Jackrabbit coordinator, Fiona McKenna. The 2018-2019 schedule will be posted shortly.

Fall Kids Running Wild is a fun outdoor games and physical activity program that includes team, cooperative and inventive games, orienteering and ski dryland activities. This active 10 week program has a weekly Thursday meeting plus three weekend meetings.


Bunny Rabbit Ski Program: This is a fun exploration of winter-snow through discovery learning activities in a small group. On snow sessions are 60 to 75 min lead by a coach and includes games, challenges and discovery activities on the ski trails and the Bunny Rabbit Ski Play Park.

(An adult must accompany the child in sessions either skiing or walking beside.)


Jackrabbit Ski Program: This Nationally recognized ski program introduces young skiers to the fun and speed of cross country skiing. Sessions are 90 min long in small groups that includes instruction and games through which skiers will learn classic and skate skiing techniques. Additional experiences, like exploring the Ski Play Park, ski touring and racing enhance skiers enjoyment and engagement in skiing and healthy physical activity. The Jackrabbit program has four levels with skiers first learning classic skiing and in Level 3 beginning skate skiing. All skiers enroll in the once per week program with an option of twice per week is available for skiers in levels 3 and 4.


Jackrabbit Try-it Ski Clinic: This is a new program designed to introduce young people ages 6 to 10 years to the fun of cross country skiing. On snow sessions are Saturday afternoons and will be 90 min of small group games and instruction. Skiers will also have the opportunity to explore the Ski Play Park and ski trails.


Para-Nordic / Adaptive Programs: The Lappe Jackrabbit Para-Nordic / Adaptive ski program supports children through adaptive equipment and ski guides and “buddies”. Skiers have two options: the Try-it Ski Clinics for beginner skiers and the Jackrabbit Ski program which is an inclusive program. (See descriptions above.)


Super Saturdays: This fun, fast-paced Saturday afternoon program offers a mix of structured and unstructured play on skis. During the six winter sessions skiers will do ski orienteering, biathlon (ball toss), handball, cross country cross and ski touring. Skiers will look forward to the Lappe Hill Tour and Ski Park play.


Schedule and a Typical Day

Sessions will begin with getting-to-know you activities, games, orienteering and dryland training as we wait for snow to arrive. Sessions take place on Saturdays between 11 am until 1 pm at the Lappe Ski Centre

We cancel sessions and notify participants of cancellations for very inclement weather or cold, such as when the temperature will be  -20 C at start time (or when driving conditions would be perilous).

A typical day begins with a gathering and getting into groups with coaches. A session is delivered with a snack break inside or on the trail. The kitchen, located upstairs in the chalet, provides soup, pancakes and coffee from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. There is a nursery and sunny warm location upstairs for moms and non-skiers to enjoy their time at Lappe when their jackrabbit is skiing. Showers and sauna are also available. Children can ski on their own or with their families throughout the day and on lit trails, until 9:30 pm. The toboggan hill and snow park are favourite hangouts before and after ski sessions.


Equipment and Clothing

Jackrabbits require classic ski equipment (boot, skis and poles) to start. By Level 3 the participants are starting to use skate ski equipment. The Lappe Jackrabbit cupboard has some stock to “rent” for the season, beginning at the Open House. Other sources of equipment are ski swaps and three local ski shops. There is also a Lappe Facebook page to help connect needs. In the fall, clothing should be appropriate for hiking on wet ground. When skiing begins, dress in layers to help adjust for activity levels and include neck tubes/buffs; warm toque, well insulated mittens and winter (not cotton) socks with extras for after the session. Avoid rubberized, non-breathable fabrics.


If you have questions about:

Registration, please contact Program Manager Rena Viehbeck

For Jackrabbit Program information, please call Brook Latimer, Jackrabbit Program Coordinator