The Lappe Ski Centre offers a warm and welcoming place to prepare for your ski. We have washrooms/changerooms/sauna, ski lockers, wax rooms and an upstairs eating area with our kitchen opened most Saturdays serving warm soup, buns and of course Finnish pancakes.


Lappe Ski Centre will be seeing some major changes:

Relocation of the kitchen downstairs in the current waxing/locker area

Purpose: Improved accessibility for food services. A modern work environment for the culinary and food service training program WillowSprings offers to clients with cognitive and developmental challenges, in partnership with the Ski Centre. Food services will be available to members more frequently, not only on Saturdays.

Replacement of outside doors, reconstruction of the foyer; new automatic doors. Purpose: Improved accessibility; ability to host events where accessible environment is required

Converting the first women’s bathroom into an accessible family bathroom. Purpose: Improved accessibility, family friendly

Converting the main downstairs area into an eating area; redesigning the flat roof section, replacing windows. Purpose: Diversification of business; ability to host training events, workshops and other large gatherings year around. Replacing the leaking roof that Pauli has shoveled multiple times this winter in order to prevent the snow melting inside; better energy efficiency with insulated roof and new windows.

Building a separate waxing/locker building Purpose: Replacing the lockers; separating waxing from inside space, meeting criteria for hosting events such as the Canadian Nationals and other international, national and provincial competitions.

The Renovation project is partially funded by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (50% of the kitchen-50% Lappe Ski Centre), Enabling Accessibility Fund (The automatic doors and the accessible bathroom). The rest of the project: the roof and eating area are self funded by the Ski Centre.

Thank you to Nordmin Engineering for providing and sponsoring technical design and drawings.
The waxing and locker building is dependent on the success of fundraising efforts, including grants and donations from the community. The fundraising target is $175 000.

Ranta Contracting was selected as the contractor for the work. The completion timeline for the Chalet renovation is from the end of April until early December. With all going well, we should have a beautiful updated space for the next season. The upstairs will be used for meetings and work space during events, in addition to the regular timing area.

Renovation work started on Monday morning, May 2. The Chalet will be closed to members and the public from this point on. 

Lappe Ski Centre has established a fundraising goal of $50 000 for the renovation fund. We are very appreciative of the support we have already received from Nordmin engineering and Wanson Lumber. We also have a loyal member who has offered to sponsor new floor finish for the men’s and women’s change rooms. How exciting!

Other members and businesses are invited to participate. Donations for the Renovation Fund can be made to Lappe Ski Centre Limited by eTransfer or by contacting Tuija Puiras.