Great news!  With the extensive COVID planning our Club put in place earlier this year, we are ready to open programming and events while within the Red Zone of the provincial COVID framework.   

We can’t wait to safely get back together.  The key change from our pre-lockdown orange zone is that the FIT and COMP teams, as well as Track Attack will be split into two groups and receive emailed instructions from the Head Coach or the Track Attack Coordinator each week on separate meeting locations for practices.

Red Zone with Lappe Nordic Ski Club – Update Feb 17th 2021

What do programming and events look like with Lappe Nordic Ski Club in the Red Zone COVID framework?  READ ON…

Firstly, we are excited to welcome you back for programming!

We set up our programming in December, so that it would be compliant in all of the government’s Framework for Reopening zones, including the Red Zone.Things can only proceed with all of us doing our part in following these important guidelines. Although there are no significant changes, we ask you to  review them carefully.

Not only are these guidelines, as always, inline with the guidelines and requirements of the Ontario Government, the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and Cross-Country Ski Ontario, but they are designed so that our program participants feel confident that we are taking this pandemic seriously and keeping athletes and families safe.  

In addition, as a club, we need to be always aware that there are people skiing at Lappe during program times who are not participating in our programming. These skiers also need to feel confident that Lappe is a safe space to be during COVID.


  • Masks – Keep each other safe by wearing masks as follows –
    We deem that it is difficult for program participants to keep a 2m distance until they are on the trail skiing. As such, all participants are required to wear their masks from the time they leave their cars until such time as they are skiing out of the stadium. Participants are also asked to put their masks on when stopped on the trail with their group. Masks are preferable, however pulling a buff over the mouth and nose can work when necessary. Also, masks must be worn at all times in all indoor spaces.
  • Self-Assessment: All club program members and coaches as well as anyone arriving with them must complete a COVID self assessment prior to attending every and all program sessions or Club events. Do not attend any Club programs or events if your self assessment deems your status as a potential COVID-19 risk or case, and follow public health guidelines for isolation and testing.
    • Self Assessment includes not attending Club programs or events if:
      • have tested positive for COVID-19 or awaiting COVID-19 test results and are in self-isolation
      • feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19
      • have been in close contact in the past 14 days with someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19.
      • Have travelled outside of Northwestern Ontario in past 14 days (recommended)
  • Attendance: Attendance will be taken at the start of each session by your coach for contact tracing purposes. Exceptions are FIT and COMP teams, as all athletes will be presumed to be present at all sessions.
  • Group Size: Club will maintain group sizes under 25 including coaches and assistants.  FIT and COMP teams, as well as Track Attack will be split into two groups and receive emailed instructions from the Head Coach or the Track Attack Coordinator each week on separate meeting locations for practices.
  • Physical Distance: Maintain physical distance of 2m at all times when possible.
  • Waxing: No waxing is allowed inside Lappe Ski Center at this time.  Wax at home with the help of our Video on waxing basics. Grip wax can be applied to skis outside.
  • Bags/Clothing: Please do not leave any bags or clothing in the chalet or in the adjacent trailer. The only exception to this is if you have an assigned locker. You may leave some belongings in your locker, but not on the floor in front of it.


  • Fit/Comp Teams/Adult Programs: It is expected that you will self monitor your 2m distance and put on a mask or pull up your buff when stopped in a group. FIT/COMP athletes who cannot follow these guidelines may be asked to leave training and not attend the following 2 sessions.  Adult program participants (Learn to Ski and Recreational Technique) who do not comply will be asked to not attend session(s).
  • Other Youth/Children’s Program: To help younger athletes follow the guidelines each group will be assigned a monitor to provide gentle reminders. If a participant is having difficulty following the guidelines, we will work with parents and coaches to try to find a solution. Athletes in these programs will be asked to put on their masks (or pull up their buffs) for most group activities.
  • Communication: Use of clear, consistent and respectful communication regarding physical distance by using “green, yellow and red zone”. Example, “Oops, we are in each other’s red zone”, or “We are in the yellow zone, let’s back up a bit”. “Okay, green zone, we can proceed.” 
  • Physical Distance: Maintain physical distance of 2m at all times when possible. Overtake quickly, and wide.  Masks should be worn if skiing side by side for any length of time. Please keep in mind that other skiers need space to pass you safely.
  • No Contact: Programs will not include games involving direct touching of any kind (only no contact activities). 
  • Stadium Use: Each program group will have a predetermined meeting location, and a dedicated entrance/exit to the stadium.  Please ensure that you are aware of this location for the start and finish of the program.  Stadium Map for 11:30 Saturday Programs.
    • You are permitted to walk into the stadium to put on skis and are encouraged to do so, rather than stop at the entrance points. 


  • Masks must be worn in trailers at all times.
  • Seasonal Ski Rentals: The Club trailer will be used for seasonal ski equipment rentals with only 1 family and the Equipment Coordinator inside at a time. 
  • Waxing: FIT/COMP teams and Track Attack athletes may use portable wax benches outside when necessary. 
  • Bags: If a FIT/COMP athlete does not have an assigned chalet locker and does not have a car in which to leave their bag, they may leave their bag in the Club trailer’s boot room. The Club trailer may not be used for changing. 


  •  Program Changes: Any changes to scheduled programming will be communicated via email to participants.
  • A Positive COVID Test: If a program participant tests positive for COVID we will follow guidelines provided by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. 
    • The Club’s board of directors encourages program participants to inform the club by emailing Rena Viehbeck, Program Manager ([email protected]) and Stephanie Marler, Club President ([email protected]) if a program participant or any member of the family living at the same address tests positive for COVID-19. We will not reveal the identity of the individual or family specifically in any communication, but this information may be used to provide timely communication to group members.
    • With this information, we commit:
      • If the individual who tested positive for COVID-19 is a participant in a Lappe program, to immediately contact Public Health for guidance, and review suspending practices for that group for two weeks.
      • If a family member of a Club program participant tests positive for COVID-19, to communicate to that participant’s program group that there has been a positive COVID-19 test in the household of an athlete and to give each family the choice as to whether they participate at group sessions.
  • COVID Status: If the status of our region changes we will consult with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit to confirm if our protocols and guidelines are still adequate.
  • Personal Equipment: All families and athletes are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer with them for use when they feel it is needed and a personal water bottle.
  • Feedback/Concerns: We are continually finding ways to improve our guidelines and practices for the safety of all club members. We encourage you to provide feedback by emailing Rena Viehbeck – Program Manager at [email protected] or Stephanie Marler – Club President at [email protected].