Updated: December 22nd 2020
With the recent announcement by the Province of Ontario for the COVID-19 lockdown effective December 26, 2020, the Lappe Nordic Ski Club will be implementing the following changes for the period of the lockdown.  Program restart or re-schedule dates are dependent on the lockdown restrictions being lifted for our region. Currently, the restrictions are scheduled to be lifted on January 9th.
  • Tuesday, December 22nd Team training and Winter Solstice will go forward as planned.  Please ensure that our current guidelines are adhered to so that everyone can enjoy themselves.
  • With the holidays upon us there will be no formal training on December 24th, and instead, Thursday evening program participants are invited to attend an informal 10:00 am ski. Coaches will not be present.
  • Starting on December 26th, all Club programming will be cancelled for two weeks. Programming will resume on Saturday, January 9th, unless the lockdown is extended.
  • FIT and COMP teams will receive further communication from Head Coach Eric with details relating to value-added virtual and training opportunities.
  • The Boxing Day Classic is postponed until Sunday, January 10th. Should the lockdown be extended beyond 2 weeks, another date will be chosen. We will offer full refunds to athletes who cannot attend.


The Lappe Ski Centre will remain open. This is a real privilege given that so many businesses are closed. Skiers are asked to maintain a minimum 2m distance at all times, and ski with members of their household. Access to washrooms and lockers is available, but otherwise the chalet is closed. Please change in your cars and wax your skis outside.


Wishing you a safe and happy holidays.