We are pleased to let you know that our 2021/2022 Club membership and program registration is now open!

For some this may seem early and a long way off  until winter, however we have many spring, summer and fall program options and invite you to check them all out.  Our full-year programs for the FIT and COMP teams start on Tuesday, May 11th. If you are curious about these teams for recreational and competitive athletes ages 12 to 65+, please reach out to Head Coach Eric Bailey at [email protected] for more information.

For all program and club information, the best source is always our club website: www.lappenordic.ca which we continually up-date.  Take your time to peruse the program options as well as use the Fee Spread Sheet for easy comparison of all the program info in one place.  You can also always check out our club google calendar to know what is happening when and where.

When you are ready to register head over to www.zone4.ca. We know the registration can seem overwhelming, but we work hard to make it as user friendly as possible, while at the same time providing the huge variety of program options available.  Take your time to read as you go through and it will all make sense. We promise. 

What’s new this year?

  • For those considering the full-year option for the FIT or COMP team for the first time we are offering it to you this year at the price of the fall-start option, to encourage you to come out and join the team throughout the spring and summer. Friendships and skiers are made in the summer! This group meets on Tuesdays and every second Saturday over the summer and includes 3 full-day training camps. The race team also meets every Thursday.
  • For those who were enrolled in Bunnies, Jackrabbits or Track Attack this past season, you will see the option to claim your $20 COVID discount upon registration (there is also an option to donate it to the club) for one of those three on-snow programs.  
  • Super Sundays – new name, new day.  Enjoy this fun, games based add-on program for skiers in Jackrabbit levels 3, 4 and Track Attack on 6 Sundays (1:30-3pm) this winter (dates will be chosen in late fall).
  • Technique and Training (T&T program) – This revamped winter adult program (formerly Recreational Technique) now offered on Sunday afternoon (1:30-3pm), is designed for athletes aged 17 and up who already know the basics of cross-country skiing in both the classic and skate techniques. Receive guidance from highly-experienced coaches in a friendly and welcoming group setting.  Learn new tips, re-learn the basics, increase your fitness and build your confidence in skiing and enjoy skiing for life.
  • Programs that offer payment by instalments (FIT and COMP – year round and fall entry) will now be done through a zone4 link which will be emailed to you prior to the due date(s).
  • Zone4 receipts will now show as zone4 on your credit card statement, not as Lappe Nordic Ski Club. You will receive an emailed copy of that receipt which you can easily find by searching zone4 in your inbox.

What’s the same?

  • If you are a family or a couple, we encourage you to join the club as a family (or couple) even if you are only registering one athlete at a time, or not planning to register for a program at all. The additional cost to do so is minimal and it supports the club financially and helps the club access funding and grants for coaches and programming. In addition, it makes it easier when you return to the registration to add on programming later in the year. You don’t have to remember who is registered for what!
  • You can register for one program now (example: Kids Running Wild) and another program later (example: Jackrabbits). All you have to do is hold on to your receipt number which is emailed to you from zone4 after your initial registration. 
  • If you want to register in a program, volunteer on the Board of Directors or as a coach, vote at the AGM, or apply for a race license, you need to be a full club member.
  • Amazing coaches, BOD, staff and volunteers offering amazing sport-for-life programs and events 🙂

What about COVID?

  • If you are looking for the Spring Kids Running Wild program, you will notice it is not yet available for registration. We are crossing our fingers that we can run a 4 week program on Tuesdays from June 1-22 and are tentatively making plans, but we won’t know if we can run it until around May 20th.  If Thunder Bay returns to the green, yellow, or orange zone following this stay-at-home order, we will open registration for this program and send the link to club members. This program will be capped at 40 children ages 7 to 12.
  • FIT and COMP team members will be joining Head Coach Eric virtually until such time as we can meet in person again. Last year, these on-line sessions were appreciated by athletes. We are getting good at this! Once registered, look for a link from Eric for these ‘meetings’. 

Anything else?

A quick note, if you didn’t see in it our newsletter, on our website or on Facebook, our Annual General Meeting will be Wednesday June 2, 7pm on Skype. All are welcome to attend.

Last but not least, we are excited to work towards #funwecandowithLappe for another year of fitness, fun and friendship. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please feel welcome to email Rena, our club Program Manager at [email protected], or Stephanie, our club President at [email protected] .