Dear Lappe families,

What a crazy year! Last week, we were informed by the Health Unit that no programming was allowed during the “grey zone”/ lockdown of Ontario’s Framework for reopening. This week, they’ve communicated with us that we can actually offer some lessons, so long as people are clearly 2 metres apart.

You will recall that last week, your Board of Directors preemptively suspended the Jackrabbits, Track Attack and Kids Try-It Programs. This decision was made because of the rapidly rising case numbers in Thunder Bay, the games-based nature of our programs, the number of people who arrive at Lappe at a specified time, and the pressure on volunteer coaches to offer a fun and engaging program under these constraints. Our main objectives are to keep our families safe and to keep the ski center open.

We do not feel that any of the reasons we chose to suspend our children’s programs have changed.

Jackrabbits, Track Attack and Kids Try-It Programs

Your Board of Directors met last night and came to the decision to cancel Jackrabbits, Track Attack and Kids Try-It programs for the remainder of the season.

Our club’s volunteer coaches will continue to provide weekly encouragement, tips and virtual activities for the month of March to all registrants in these programs. The club will also set up an activity or challenge at Lappe ski Center for families for the next 2 Saturdays with more information coming soon. 

We are so proud of the work our volunteer coaches have done, and the willingness of our participating families to adapt to this exceptional year. In the hopes that you will join us again next winter to enjoy a season of Jackrabbits, we would like to offer each Jackrabbit, Track Attack and Kids Try-It athlete a $20 voucher towards next season’s ski programs. We have been granted a sum from Cross-Country Ontario that helps us to offer you this incentive to come back next year. This voucher will be available when you register in zone4 for next season’s programming and you can choose to use it at that time or donate it to the club.

FIT and COMP Teams, Adult Try-It, and Adult Recreational Technique Programs

These programs will continue to operate, in small groups and sub-groups, as long as the Health Unit permits us to do so. We are extremely fortunate to be able to do this, and we all need to be exceptionally vigilant with our 2m spacing. Face coverings are required from the time you get out of your car in the parking lot, until such time as you are skiing on the trail. When stopping to speak to your coach or friends, or skiing in a group, you must wear your face covering. Each participant is expected to stay a minimum of 2m from other participants at all times. This is no different from what we’ve been doing all year. So athletes, please keep up the good practices! Also, you are expected to complete the TBDHU Screening prior to each session, and follow all public health guidelines.

We recognize that not all program participants will be comfortable attending these sessions. If you wish to not attend in-person sessions please reach out to your coach who will work to support you remotely.  

For Adult Try-It participants who choose not to attend any of the session #2 lessons please contact [email protected] if you would like to request a refund of the program fee. 

March/April Events

Usually, our ski club offers 5 really great events in the last month of the season: the Lappe ‘Lympics, the Lappe Invitational, the March Break Kids Camp, the 24 Hour SkiLay, and the Run and Ski. None of these events can run under the current guidelines. However, we will be offering a modified 24 Hour SkiLay on the weekend of March 20/21, suitable for all ages. Stay tuned for details.

Take part in the provincial (XCSO) COVID challenges until the end of March:

  •  XCSO KM Board – Keep skiing and recording every kilometer as we are fighting to try to take 2nd place for all of Ontario. Every km counts!
  • XCSO Strava challenges – Record your fastest lap on one of 3 Strava courses at Lappe and challenge yourself and others to a virtual race.

The ski trails are still in exceptional condition and there is still lots we can do to stay healthy and active. #funwecandowithlappe

If you have any questions or concerns please email [email protected] 

Stay safe and enjoy the skiing!