Prior to attending each session you are expected to complete the TBDHU Screening, and follow all public health guidelines. We are so fortunate to be able to train in person, in small groups and sub-groups as we follow the Thunder Bay Health Unit guidelines. In order to operate we all need to be exceptionally vigilant with our 2m spacing.

  • Face coverings are required from the time you get out of your car, until such time as you are exercising on the trail, or spaced out and in-place. When stopping to speak to your coach or friends, or training in a group, you must wear your face covering.
  • Each participant is expected to stay a minimum of 2m from other participants at all times.

Please keep up the good practices as they are the same as last year.  If you are new and have questions please reach out to Rena at [email protected].

We recognize that not all program participants will be comfortable attending in-person sessions. If you wish to not attend in-person sessions please reach out to your coach who will work to support you remotely.