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The cost to participate in programs has three components: Club Membership fees, Club Program fees, and Ski Centre Trail Pass fees. For information about trail pass fees visit the Trail Pass Fees page.

FULL Club Membership - In order to register in a regular program, a participant must first become a Full Member of Lappe Nordic Ski Club - this includes the club membership fee and the LSSD/XCSO/CCC affiliation fee as follows:

$25 Single member club membership fee
$45 Couple club membership fee*
$55 Family club membership fee*

* Couples and family members must reside at the same address.

Plus $20 LSSD/XCSO/CCC affiliation fee per person. The affiliation fee to Lake Superior Ski District, Cross Country Ski Ontario, and Cross Country Canada helps to support our Regional, Provincial, and National infrastructure and includes the cost of insurance for the Club and its members.

Friend of the Club - Even if you do not wish to join the club as a "Full" club member, you can support the club as an "Friend of the Club."  "Friens of the Club" need not pay the affiliation fee.  There are very good reasons to become an "Friend of the Club" - find out why here!

A "friend of the club" supports the Club, but:

  1. Is not registered in a Club program
  2. Has no leadership role in the Club. (Not a program leader, not on the Board of Directors,  not involved in a primary or official's role for one of the club's events).
  3. Has no voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

Note: You must be a FULL club member to obtain a CCC race licence. 

Program Fees for 2018 - 2019

HST: HST is added at the end for program fees. Club membership fees, and fees for programs designed for children 12 and under are HST exempt.

For a detailed list of our programs and fees plus duration and frequency information view the Lappe Nordic Membership & Program Fees 2018-2019 PDF document.

How to Register: Go to and type LAPPE in the search box to see all of Lappe's current online registrations.

At the OPEN HOUSE, we will have computers set up for you to do the registration online.  We will provide you with assistance during the registration and answer any and all questions.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer accept cash or cheques - credit card only please

For more information about Club membership, contact Rena Viehbeck - Lappe Program Manager.