Program Overview

Lappe Nordic Ski Club (LNSC) offers programs for skiers of all ages and skill levels.

All Lappe’s programs require full membership in LNSC. Full membership in LNSC includes the cost (affiliation fee) the club pays to maintain its affiliation with Cross Country Canada (CCC), Cross Country Ski Ontario (XCSO), and Lake Superior Ski District (LSSD).

Lappe's programs follow CCC's Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model.

In order to operate LNSC, the Club relies primarily on volunteers - not only to assist in coaching but also to assist in the many events and activities the Club puts on that in turn help to keep program fees as low as possible. The Club does have two part-time employees, our Head Coach, Eric Bailey, and our Program Manager, Rena Viehbeck, who oversee all our programs. Participation in programs does include a commitment by participants or their family to volunteer pursuant to the Club's Volunteer Engagement Policy.

The cost to participate in programs has three components: Club Membership fees, Club Program fees, and Ski Centre Trail Pass fees. Please note that Lappe Ski Centre is not owned by the Ski Club (it is owned by privately owned by the Puiras family) so trail pass fees are paid to the ski center, not the Club. For specific fee costs visit the Program Fees page and/or the Trail Pass Fees page.

How to Register: Go to and type LAPPE in the search box to see all of Lappe's current online registrations.


Programs at Lappe      

Lappe Jackrabbits Programs - ages 3 to 9 include:

Lappe Youth Programs - ages 10 to 19 include:

Lappe Adult Programs include recreation, learn to ski and competitive programs: