Focus: Challenging training for fun, fitness and self-improvement. Emphasis is on improving ski skills, technique and fitness without specific performance goals – racing is optional. Training occurs alongside race/performance team sessions.


SPRING/SUMMER: May 14 to Sept 3: Tuesdays and every second Saturday (including 3 full day training camps).  See the club google calendar for details:

FALL/WINTER: Sept. 6 to April 11: Tuesdays (6pm), Thursdays (6pm) and Saturdays (9:30am).

+ 3 summer full day camps
+ 3 athlete testing sessions (spring, summer, fall) – OPTIONAL
+ Weekly group training plan on Training Peaks
+ Group strength program routine: 3 phases to complete on own or when scheduled into dry-land training
+ Annual goal setting (May) & End of season evaluation (April)
+ 1st access to rental equipment

Also includes:

  • Team t-shirt first year on Team. $15 in subsequent years
  • Lappe Fresh Air Race Series
  • Use of club roller skis 
  • Coaching Discount: The primary coach of a Jackrabbit group, Track Attack group, Recreational Technique group, or a committed assistant coach to the Head Coach, who is enrolled in a Race Team program, or a FITness program year-round or September start (2 day per week) is entitled to a $150 reimbursement on their program fees, payable at the end of the season. This coach must be certified with NCCP, and is not receiving a stipend for other commitments in the club. Other coaching commitments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Optional Add-on:

  • Sep. 17-19 Sleeping Giant Start-Up Camp  (separate registration)

Volunteer Commitment:

  • Per the Volunteer Policy including including 4 volunteer credits/ athlete (up to a maximum of 6/ family).
  • Additional Requirements including 1 or 2 bingos per family as assigned by the Bingo Coordinator AND team members or a family member help at one Lappe Fresh Air Series race.
  • First time club members are exempt from volunteer requirements.

Cost: Visit Program Fees page 0r Zone4 registration page for more details.

Improve your classic and skate ski techniques as well as fitness with guidance from highly-experienced coaches in a friendly and welcoming group setting.  Embrace winter and develop a love of skiing!

Focus: Learn new tips, re-learn the basics, expert advice in fun group setting.  Build your fitness and confidence in skiing and enjoy skiing for life.

The Adult Technique and Training (T&T) program is designed for aged 17 and up who already know the basics of cross-country skiing in both the classic and skate techniques. Beginner adults (in one or both techniques) are encouraged to register for the Adult Learn-to-Ski program, of which there are two sessions, the first of which will be completed by early January in order for participants to have the opportunity to join the T&T group at that time if so desired. (Note that club membership and affiliation fees are paid only once annually).

December 3 – March 25  Sundays 1:30-3:00pm, (warmest part of the day! )


Ski equipment seasonal rentals available on first-come first-serve basis.

*New* Masters Training Group
Focus: Master skiers (aged 30 and older) looking to improve their ski performance with challenging but fun group training sessions with the Head Coach.

Standalone session – on snow – from 12:00 to 2:00 on Saturdays (minimum 12 athletes required for this separate time) with the second session integrated with the Race/Fit teams on Tuesday evenings.
For those that wish to train year round, sessions will be concurrent with the Race/Fit teams during the dryland season.

Visit the Program Fees page for more information on seasonal start times and costs.

*Annual Club Memberships: Single $25, Couple $45, Family $55. Affiliation fees: $20/ program participant.  Lappe Nordic Ski Centre trail pass required (winter).

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