Lappe Adults - Ages 20 & Older

There are a variety of ski program options for adults in the Lappe Nordic Ski Club. There are learn-to-ski, fitness, and competitive programs, all promoting healthy participation and offering opportunities for lifelong participation.

Recreational Technique: This learn-to-ski program is suitable for intermediate skiers wanting to improve their ski technique. Lessons are offered in classic and skate skiing technique.

Senior/Masters Team: This team is for skiers focusing on club races and loppets and/or people wanting to improve their skiing and stay in shape. The group trains alongside the Junior and Senior Race Team, with programming specific to the needs of this group. 

There are 2 options for this team. Either Fall/Winter or just winter:

Senior Race Team: This year round training program promotes healthy participation in competitive sport through consistent and progressive training. Team and individual competition schedules may include local races, loppets, provincial and national competitions. Athletes are provided individualized training plans.