Lappe Youth Programs- ages 10 to 19

The Lappe Youth programs promote healthy participation and lifelong physical activity through our learn-to-ski, recreational, competitive and leadership opportunities.


Fall Kids Running Wild (KRW) is a fun outdoor games and physical activity program that includes team games, cooperative games, inventive games, orienteering and ski dryland activities. The active 10 week program has a weekly Thursday meeting plus three weekend meetings.

Note: KRW is included in the Track Attack fall programs.


Adventurers: This recreational ski program offers skill instruction for beginner and intermediate skiers and encourages fitness development. Skiers will take part in group practices, organize group ski tours and participate in club events.

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Track Attack: The Track Attack program is an active outdoors program that runs fall – winter. Skiers continue to improve their classic and skate skiing skills in in-track and off-trail / backcountry ski outings. The program’s motto is Fitness! Fun! Teamwork!


Midget Ski Team: The Midget Ski Team continues to provide opportunities and to encourage young skiers in recreational, competitive and leadership aspects of the cross country skiing. Participation on the team teaches healthy sport participation, training and teamwork. This fall-winter program allows and encourages participate in other sports. 


Super Saturdays: This fun, fast paced Saturday afternoon program offers a mix of structured and unstructured play on skis. During the six winter sessions skiers will do ski orienteering, biathlon (ball toss), handball, cross country cross and ski touring. Skiers will look forward to the Lappe Hill Tour and Ski Park play.

There are a variety of ski program options for adults in the Lappe Nordic Ski Club. There are learn-to-ski, fitness, and competitive programs, all promoting healthy participation and offering opportunities for lifelong participation.


Recreational Technique: This learn-to-ski program is suitable for beginner skiers and for skiers wanting to improve their ski technique. Lessons are offered in classic and skate skiing technique.


Junior Race Team: This year round training program promotes healthy participation in competitive sport through consistent and progressive training, appropriate competition schedules, “Fairplay” and teamwork. Athletes are encouraged to attend group practices regularly and to independently complete further training. The program schedule also includes recreational and leadership opportunities that promote lifelong sport and physical activity participation.


Para-Nordic / Adaptive Programs: The Lappe Jackrabbit Para-Nordic / Adaptive ski program supports children through adaptive equipment and ski guides and “buddies”. Skiers have two options the Try-it Ski Clinics for skiers starting out and the Jackrabbit Ski program which is an inclusive program. (See descriptions above.)